Los Jazmines

Vinales Valley, Cuba


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16 Junior Suites, 62 Tropical Rooms

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Pool, bar and restaurant


Community Visits and Cultural Exchange, Horseback Safari, Snorkeling & Freediving, Biking, Historical Site Visits


About This Accommodation

While Los Jazmines may not epitomize “luxury,” its views of the surrounding valley are breathtaking. One of the most established accommodation options in the area, Los Jazmines ensures guests are comfortable and well taken care of, albeit without the frill. Every room has a balcony overlooking the valley and mountains beyond so you are guaranteed a room with a view, and the restaurant is open air, ideal for breezes and watching the occasional storm clouds moving over the mountains. The large swimming pool is straight out of the 1950s, with a straight shot of the notable mogotes, the series of tall, rounded hills that rise abruptly from the flat plain of the valley. The suites, stacked into the hillside, are painted a vibrant pink, enhancing the Cuban flavor. The “tropical” rooms are set more apart from the larger hotel complex and closer to the valley floor. The “downtown” area is less than 10 minutes by car so the hotel is convenient without the “hustle and bustle” of backpackers on the main drag.

Vinales Valley is known for its dramatic landscapes and out-of-door offerings but consider exploring the town first. Lose yourself in the secret gardens of El Jardín Botanico de las Hermanas Caridad y Carmen Miranda, a sprawling green space close to 100 years old. Then grab a bite to eat at Casa Authentica, a small charming option on the “main street.” When you’re feeling adventurous, rent a bike to explore more, or trek or horseback across the gorgeous red-soil country, breaking for a drink at a tiki bar in the forest and ending at the home of a tobacco farmer for an expertly rolled cigar. Spend a half day with a picnic lunch at white sandy beaches about 1-1 ½ hours from Vinales, where boating, snorkeling and diving is prime.

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