La Reserva

Havana, Cuba


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Deluxe Room, Deluxe Junior Suite, Deluxe Suite

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Children of all ages


Restaurant, bar and patio lounge


Community Visits and Cultural Exchange, Historical Site Visits, Visit a Non-Profit or Social Business


About This Accommodation

La Reserva is one of our favorite accommodations in Cuba. Located in the vibrant Vedado neighborhood (like the Brooklyn of Havana), the recently renovated colonial mansion contains traces of the city’s cosmopolitan energy from the mid-20th century. That being said, it’s tucked away on an unassuming residential street, offering a calm oasis from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The entryway is tastefully decorated with contemporary Cuban art, reminiscent of a 1920s Parisian salon. The mansion even features a contemporary gallery space. Cross the garden to the patio, where you can dine in the mornings or retreat to in the afternoon with a good book. Choose from five private rooms or rent the entire home for a truly exclusive experience. Each room features modern ensuite bathrooms and expansive king size beds. Splurge for the balcony area with private seating.

Ready to explore? You don’t have to go very far. For a night out, La Guarida is a local restaurant on the top floor of an old tenement building and offers a lively atmosphere and incredible rooftop views you won’t want to miss. For a day tour, check out The Afro Cuban - Santeria Tour to learn about this fascinating religion with deep roots in Cuba. You can watch a ceremonial performance at the Santeria House while supporting a community project. Or opt to wander the streets to discover more shops, galleries and restaurants; You’re sure to stumble upon a magical experience all your own.

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