Cradle Mountain Huts

Tasmania, Australia


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The Cradle Mountain Huts Walk is a 4 or 6-day walk on Tasmania's famous Overland Track. The difference between participating in the Cradle Mountain Huts Walk and being a regular walker on the Overland Track is that you're accompanied by outstanding guides, are fed like royalty, and get to overnight in comfortable and quaint huts along the way, exclusive to those in your program. Each hut is set off the track, so not to interfere with other walkers and maintain privacy. They are constructed of local materials with minimal environmental impact and are essentially self-servicing, only getting materials flown in a few times per season. Consequently, all waste is flown out from the huts so nothing is left in the national park.

The journey begins in Launceston where you then drive toward the iconic Cradle Mountain. On the 6-day walk you make your way south, overnighting at Barn Bluff Hut, Pine Forest Moor Hut, Pelion Plains Hut, Kia Ora Hut, and the last night at Windy Ridge Hut. The walk on the final day ends at Lake St Clair, Australia's deepest natural lake, before returning to Launceston. The 4-day walk follows the same path for the first 3 nights before veering east and ending in Arm River Valley and then being transferred back to Launceston. Both programs offer incredible and varied scenery throughout your journey. Most days offer additional peaks to climb or loops to add onto the day's segment if you're looking for an extra challenge or a different viewpoint. Although you are working hard throughout your program, every day is interspersed with delicious and locally-sourced meals to keep you energized.

The huts are in no way extravagant, but they are perfectly comfortable and clean and outfitted with everything you need for a rejuvenating night. They are intimate and rustic and a lot of fun! This is hands down the best way to conquer the Overland Track. The Cradle Mountain Huts Walk is only available from October through May when the weather is warmer and dryer. Tasmanian summers (November-February) is the most pleasant time of year, but the sun can be quite strong.

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