Longitude 131

Northern Territory, Australia


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Intimate fifteen luxury tents, elevated atop rust-red dunes comprise king or twin beds, lounge, spacious bathroom and balcony with daybed and fireplace

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Children 10 years and older


Restaurant, bar, lounge, spa and pool


Bush Walks, Food and Wine, Community Visits and Cultural Exchange, Hiking and Climbing, Historical Site Visits


About This Accommodation

Longitude 131 is a magnificent luxury tented camp located in the heart of Australia within the wilderness of World Heritage site Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. The camp is owned by the Baillie family who are known for creating extraordinary experiences with a true sense of place. The very chic tents are built on platforms that command spectacular views across the desert outback to Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) without leaving your bed! And if that’s not enough, there is a balcony with a huge daybed facing the rock and a little fire at the foot of the bed. At night, a swag is put out on the daybed so one can snuggle into the swag (lined with exquisite linens) and experience the romance of sleeping (on a good mattress) under the stars next to a fire!

On your excursions to the monolith and to nearby Kata Tjuta, your guides manage to arrive at sites when no one else is there. They delve into the foundation of Anangu culture as you explore this irresistible land and learn the stories of the traditional custodians thru the rock paintings they have left behind. There is a beautiful viewing area less than 100 feet behind the main area that beckons one to just sit and look at both rocks all day long. The important thing with such huge and complex structures is not to just go out and look at them; but instead to watch it over the course of days, to see the colors change and see them from many different angles. The ability to do that is the supreme advantage of this property.

As expected, Longitude 131 serves gourmet food and wine with every meal and includes all the other little pampering that one would expect. But for us it is the location/location/location that makes Longitude special.

Delve into the foundation of Anangu culture and learn some of the ancient creation stories of the traditional custodians. The timeless, rolling red sand dunes of the desert are surprisingly alive with verdant native vegetation and a myriad of wildlife. Spend time exploring the stunning flora and fauna and come face-to-face with this irresistible land in a sensory experience at once magic, majestic and splendidly isolated.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta is renowned as the spiritual heart of Australia. This living cultural landscape, covers an area over 311,000 acres. The Anangu people, who have been here for at least 30,000 years, believe that all people arrived on earth via Uluru, and Uluru and Kata Tjuta remain vital spiritual areas for them today. The 36 domes of sedimentary rock that form Kata Tjuta cover an area of over 8 square miles. The largest dome, Mt. Olga rises almost 1,800 ft above the surrounding plain. Uluru is the world’s largest a monolith, its periphery is almost 6 miles around.

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