Conservation & Community

Tourism plays an essential role in conservation, especially in Africa.

Tourism helps conservation to pay for itself and its upkeep. When you pay $1,500 to visit mountain gorillas in Rwanda, that is a $1,500 donation to gorilla conservation. In addition, when tourism generates revenue for local communities and the national economy, it justifies the existence of wilderness areas and creates local conservation advocates.

Extraordinary Journeys is committed to working with camps and lodges that are proactive in their conservation and sustainability efforts.

This means they are sustainable in the construction and operation of their camps, using natural or low impact building material and are energy efficient (solar power, waste water recycling). It also means working with owners and operators actively engaged in conservation; everything from reintroducing ingenious plants, to relocating endangered species such as rhino, to employing and training their own game rangers, to expanding protected areas through private concessions. We also support a range of conservation and anti-poaching initiatives including: Cheetah Conservation Fund, Big Life Trust, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Friends of Hwange and Wilderness Wildlife Trust.

Conservation and community
go hand-in-hand.

We founded Extraordinary Journeys with the explicit goal of working with small luxury properties in fabulous, remote locations that not only have great guiding and game-viewing but are eco-conscious and have close supportive relationships with nearby communities. Sometimes this takes the form of supporting local schools or health clinics, microfinance projects or adult education programs. Equally important, the properties hire and promote people from area, share tourism revenue with local communities and buy as much as possible from local businesses. The following are among the community projects we currently support: Elevate Education, Impact Network, Jifundishe, Kenya Education Fund, Kliptown Youth Program and Under the Acacia.

"Extraordinary Journeys seems to know that it's more than just moving people from one place to another.
Sometimes it's about doing something that moves people."

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