Authentic Experiences

At Extraordinary Journeys

Providing travelers to Africa with an authentic experience is one of our most important jobs.

We want you to come back with a real sense of the places you visited. This could mean a visit to one of the many non-profits that we work with, or a property where we know the guides will talk to you both about the animals you see and the challenge of merging western culture with his or her tribe's traditional values.

Our extensive firsthand experience with properties all over Africa means that we can help you avoid the multitude of canned experiences out there. Instead of a visit to a Maasai village that feels contrived and uncomfortable, you can visit your guideā€™s family, or spend an afternoon in the village that many staff members call home. Every interaction should be a genuine conversation and an opportunity to learn from one another.

Defined by Passion

Many people are in the safari business because of a passion for conservation and their country. This is particularly true at the small, often family-run properties we favor, where everyone from the owners to the staff and guides offers the opportunity for a conversation. We want to make sure you meet people who love what they do and where they live and have the desire to share it with you. That is the core of an authentic experience.

CONNECT with your personal travel expert.

Have you started planning your safari on your own? Are you totally overwhelmed with all the information out there? Let us help you cut through all the conflicting information online and start planning a safari that is completely tailored to you. Get in touch with us and we can discuss your travel passions and help you begin the planning process for your dream safari.

Elizabeth Gordon