Why Us

We create life changing & immersive experiences that transform travelers, connecting them to the world around them.

We Are Travelers

We work in travel because we love to travel. We are passionate about the countries and the people we represent.  Every member of our team spends over 2 weeks a year overseas, inspecting properties and getting to know the people who serve you.  We go beyond the beaten path of popular resorts, finding the smaller, locally owned gems that make your journey much more than a great vacation.  


24 Hour Support

Once you book, you will never be “on your own.”  In addition to 24 hour emergency support from our office in the States, you will have the number of someone in the country you are visiting who is on call 24/7.  The rare problem that may pop up gets solved by us, leaving you free to enjoy every minute of your vacation.


We Understand You

Our safari experts will ask you quite a few questions before you start: Where you live, how often you travel, favorite places you’ve stayed, your favorite style of travel, etc. This allows us to make the perfect matches of accommodation and experiences for you.  Our travelers agree that we ”get it right” just about every time! 


We never create the same journey twice

Every itinerary is as unique as you. Our process of crafting the perfect experience according to your personality, the time of year, the movements of wildlife, and budget has resulted in endless variations of the safari experience.


A Passion for People & Planet

Elizabeth was born in Africa. Many of our staff lived or worked in countries we sell before joining us. We send you to the small camps and lodges that support local communities and preserve natural environments, thereby assuring that every person we send to Africa and beyond makes a positive contribution to the wellbeing of the areas visited. In addition, we support a number of projects throughout the world, selected for their effectiveness.


Closeness & Trust

Our team members respect and trust each other. Our safari experts pool their knowledge and share suggestions for client itineraries. This means that you get the knowledge of the whole team, not just one person. And we all share in the joy of getting great reviews from our clients. Our goal is to develop your trust so we can send you to places you’ve never heard of, that we know you will love.


CONNECT with your personal travel expert.

Have you started planning your safari on your own? Are you totally overwhelmed with all the information out there? Let us help you cut through all the conflicting information online and start planning a safari that is completely tailored to you. Get in touch with us and we can discuss your travel passions and help you begin the planning process for your dream safari.

Elizabeth Gordon