Bruce van Niekerk


Bruce van Niekerk (often known as "Little Bruce") is a Specialist Pilot Guide that takes clients all over East, Central, and Southern Africa, as well as Madagascar. He owns his own flying safaric company called Bukela Africa Safaris. A native of the Eastern Cape, South Africa, Bruce is fluent in seven indegenous languages and is an award-winning photographer. Bruce is an avid traveler and a true enthusiast of wildlife and the bush. He puts a great emphasis on fun and makes sure his clients have the holiday of a lifetime.

Questions and Answers

When and why did you become a private guide?

​I became a private guide in 2000. I love the outdoors and have a passion for aviation, photography, and educating people in wilderness areas. 

What is your most memorable experience as a guide?

Touching people’s lives and having people return to Africa saying that it has changed their lives! 

What safari moment were you most thrilled to have helped a client experience?

Taking an elderly couple on their final holiday of a lifetime to Africa together. 

Top 3 favorite properties:

Mombo Camp, Greystoke Mahale, and Serra Cafema.

Top 3 favorite national parks:

Kruger National Park, Mahale Mountains National Park, and Serengeti National Park

Your favorite trip:

Flying safari from Kigali to Cape Town

Somewhere you have always wanted to take guests but never have?


What's on your bucket list?

To visit Ethiopia, Gabon, and Madagascar.

Two things you always tell your guests to bring when traveling:

Good quality binoculars and a decent camera with lessons prior to travelling.

Two things you think your travelers should know about Africa:

 It requires patience and a personality and then you will be rewarded.

Camera or binocular recommendations?

Nikon D range and Swarowsky 8x / 10x range 

Do you have a specialty?

Ensuring that guests have FUN!

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