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Exclusively for Ivory Ella, we crafted a special elephant safari inspired by their search for the first-ever "Travella." Why we love Ivory Ella: They offer high-quality apparel and gear and give 10% of their profits to support our friends at Saving the Elephants. To date, Ivory Ella has donated over $1.3 million to Save The Elephants and other charitable causes.

Travella [trav - el - uh]

noun: travella; plural noun: travellas

synonyms: explorer, conservationist, philanthropist

  • A female adventurer whose wanderlust consumes her, passion drives her, and uniqueness makes her stand out from the herd.
  • She - like an elephant is filled with empathy, creativity, strength, and compassion.
  • A storyteller who is curious about the world and determined to leave it better than she found it.

In honor of their conservation mission, we’ve planned a unique 8-night safari that takes you through prime elephant territory in Kenya, where the Ivory Ella team experienced their own life-changing safari.

Begin with an overnight in Nairobi at One Forty Eight, a contemporary artistic boutique hotel in the Langata neighborhood. Next, head straight to the Samburu National Reserve for three nights at Elephant Watch Camp. This camp is closely connected to Save the Elephants just downstream. Camp guides have been trained to recognize each of the sixty-six elephant families found in the area. All of the guides’ observations are shared with researchers from Save the Elephants, which feeds into their long-term monitoring database. Guests will gain an intimate understanding of the vital conservation work happening in the region, including the elephant collaring program, how radioactivity helps age ivory, or how a successful beehive fencing project is preventing elephants from raiding crops. Mixed in with your elephant experiences, enjoy traditional game drives, bush walks with local Samburu, or visits to their nearby villages. Hikes, camel excursions and helicopter outings are also available.

Spend your next two nights at Loisaba Tented Camp. Loisaba Conservancy, a functioning ranch, is a conservation success story. Home to elephant, a healthy population of lion, the rare wild dog, and an abundance of other species, Loisaba exemplifies collaboration between conservation, communities, ranching and tourism. Learn about their anti-poaching canine units, then stretch your legs mountain biking or horseback riding through the area. Loisaba offers an abundance of activities to keep each day new and exciting.

Your last two nights will be spent in the private Mara North Conservancy at Kicheche Mara. This classic tented camp offers access not only to the conservancy, but also to the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Make the most of daily game drives in search of plains game and predators. The camp is intimately involved with the surrounding communities, and guests can visit local villages to learn about daily life or see the schools and projects the camp supports in the area. For those seeking even more adventure, there is plenty of opportunity for bush walks, as well as fly-camping under the African night sky.


  • 1 Night – One Forty Eight – Nairobi

  • 3 Nights – Elephant Watch Camp – Samburu National Reserve

  • 2 Nights – Loisaba Tented Camp – Loisaba Conservancy

  • 2 Nights – Kicheche Mara – Mara North Conservancy


Starts at $5,500 per person sharing.

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