Super Sensory Safari

in Zimbabwe


Spend 6 nights off the beaten path in Zimbabwe exploring the legendary Mana Pools like never before.

First up is Kanga Camp, a beautifully constructed tented camp in remote Mana Pools. With a wide range of vlei lines, riverways, and woodlands, this pristine area offers a more intimate bush and wildlife experience. Spend three nights exploring Mana Pools via game drives and bush walks, with special activities led by two amazing naturalists.

Value Add: Experience a brand new ‘Soundscape Safari.’ From the camp’s deck area, specialist guide and speaker Derek Solomon uses sophisticated audio equipment to provide you with a holistic understanding of Mana Pool’s unique ecosystem. From the grunts or rumbles of elephants to the growling of lions to the minutiae of birds, frogs and insects, experience wildlife like never before.

Value Add: Experience the bush with expert guide and naturalist Rob Janisch. Learn about biomimicry, the practice of studying, and then emulating nature to solve design challenges and create more sustainable systems. Biomimicry centers on the idea that the natural world, which has successfully adapted for over 3.8 billion years, teaches us a great deal about humans’ capabilities with respect to adaptation. This is a unique opportunity to sharpen your worldview, while learning about a burgeoning field and discussing real-world implications.

For an exceptional riverfront experience on the banks of the Zambezi, spend your final three nights at Zambezi Expeditions. This luxury mobile camp will further your deepening relationship with the natural world. Canoe or fish from an island in the middle of the river, where you have ample opportunity to encounter eland, elephant, wild dogs, waterbuck, lion, leopard, kudu and more along the flood plains. There is no set schedule at Zambezi Expeditions. Over coffee each morning, plot your next adventure with your guide.

The Takeaway: Depart with an intimate knowledgeable and appreciation for the African wilderness.


Departure 1:

  • April 25: Arrive Kanga Camp (3 Nights)
  • April 28: Depart Kanga. Overnight Zambezi Expeditions (3 Nights)
  • May 1: Depart on Safari Logistics Flight

Departure 2:

  • April 28: Arrive Kanga Camp (3 Nights)
  • May 1: Depart Kanga. Overnight Zambezi Expeditions (3 Nights)
  • May 4: Depart on Safari Logistics Flight


Cost per person based on 2 people traveling: $2,937.00

Cost per person based on 1 person traveling: $3,587.00

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