Rhinos without Borders

Luxury Safari Supports Conservation


This itinerary is the perfect example of the power of tourism to support conservation. Great Plains is the owner of some of the most stunning properties in Botswana (including Zarafa and Duba Plains) and a leader in responsible tourism. Through a program called Rhinos Without Borders, Great Plains is working to relocate 100 rhinos from poaching hot-zones in South Africa and Zimbabwe to the safety of the Okavango Delta. They have already relocated 25 rhinos already and one of those has had a calf! The best part for travelers is that just going on safari at properties owned by Great Plains and having a great time helps to fund this initiative and other important conservation efforts. A significant portion of the revenue generated by the properties in this itinerary is channeled into the Great Plains Foundation which is a primary partner of the Rhinos without Borders Initiative. This is quite a win/win, an incredible safari that is also a donation to an important cause!


  • 3 Nights - Duba Plains - Okavango Delta
  • 4 Nights - Zarafa - Selinda Reserve
  • 3 Nights - Islands of Siankaba - Livingstone, Zambia


The price for this program starts at $13,200 per person and varies seasonally. For details see the full itinerary at the link below.

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