Remote and Relaxed

Western Tanzania


If you have been on safari or to Tanzania before or are just always on the hunt for a new adventure in a remote part of the world then Western Tanzania might be perfect for you. After a night in Arusha to recover from your international flight you will head to Katavi National Park, which is known for it's huge herds of buffalo, zebra and impala, substaintial prides of lions and masses of crocodiles and hippos. You will have these stunning density of game largely to yourself in this enormous and less traveled national park.

Your next stop is the Mahale Mountains on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, a stunning combination of lush mountains and crystal clear waters. You will stay at Greystoke Mahale, nestled into the greenery on the shores of the lake. Open-fronted thatch and wood structures are positioned overlooking the beach with views of the lake from the terraces and upstairs lounges. The rustic interiors are fashioned using dhow timber. Activities include fishing, tracking habituated chimpanzees, kayaking, and fishing and simply soaking up the beauty of this wild place. While this program is not your classic big five Serengeti safari, it is sure to be the trip of a lifetime.


  • 1 Night - Machweo - Arusha
  • 3 Nights - Chada Katavi - Katavi National Park
  • 4 Nights - Greystoke Mahale - Lake Tanganyika / Mahale Mountains National Park


Starting at $7,700 per person. Price noted is per person and varies seasonally. For details see the full itinerary at the link below.

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