Kenya for the Adrenaline Junkie

Ol Malo Nomad TWO3TWO Experience


Spend 7 nights with the owners of Ol Malo, Andrew and Chyulu. Using their helicopter, a team of camels, sure-footed horses, and knowledge from the traditional people who live here, adventure is at your fingertips with this 7-night safari for the ultimate Nomad.


Upon your arrival by small aircraft into a remote bush airstrip, you are collected by helicopter and flown even further into the bush where Chyulu is waiting for you with the caravan of camels and a team of Samburu tribesmen. Spend the following days traversing the ancient migration routes of Samburuland by foot or on horseback. As you interact with local tribes, you’ll learn about traditions unchanged for hundreds of years. Stalk and track wildlife, getting close enough to shoot them with your camera. Your camp is carried by the camels, assembled and ready for you each evening. Sit under the stars in front of a blazing fire, cooking supper and reliving the day’s adventures before settling back in a comfortable bed under a blanket of stars lulled to sleep by the nightjars.

After two nights out in the ‘wilds’, you arrive at, Ol Malo.

Spend 3 nights...

A well-deserved break between your two camping experiences provides a chance to recharge before the next adventure. Enjoy the comforts and hospitality of the Francombe homestead in a lodge built and designed by the family. Soak in a bath on top of the cliffs looking out over the wilderness. Experience ranch life in Kenya, learn about the country’s history through personal stories and get more insight into the amazing lives of the Samburu and the projects on the ranch to help these beautiful people.

Take 2 nights to...

Set off in the helicopter and head West dropping down four thousand feet into the Great Rift Valley, 'the cradle of mankind.' Fly through the incredible timeless landscape, landing wherever it looks exciting to walk, explore and picnic. This is Kenya's wildest and most beautiful of playgrounds, which very few people ever get to see, let alone play in. Today feels like a full safari in itself thanks to the ever changing landscape. You feel as though you have traveled across countries, exploring mountains, sand dunes, salt flats teaming with vibrant flamingoes and untouched expanses. Camp is situated on the shores of the great Jade sea (Lake Turkana). Enjoy meals of fantastic fresh fish and welcome cold drinks. Spend the following day exploring ancient lake islands, the wonderful birdlife and fishing for the elusive ‘Jade Sea Giants’.

Fly back to Ol Malo for you schedule or private charter flight onwards or get dropped at your next destination.


  • 2 Nights –Ol Malo Nomad- Laikipia, Kenya

  • 3 Nights – Ol Malo Lodge - Laikipia, Kenya

  • 2 Nights – Lobolo Camp- Turkana, Kenya


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