The Hadzabe

Cultural Immersion in the Serengeti


Experience the Tanzanian bush from the perspective of the Hadzabe people, an extraordinarily pure hunter-gatherer society,living completely traditionally and untainted by the touch of the outside world. . The Hadzabe speak a click language similar to, but unrelated to any other language and evidence suggests they have inhabited this area for many thousands of years -- possibly being descendants of the early man whose remains are found at nearby Olduvai Gorge. Come and experience their magical terrain as they guide you through the bush that they call home.

After 3 nights of Fly Camping end your trip away from the crowds and nestled in a preserve of serenity and solitude, Serian’s Serengeti South camp enjoys a unique vantage point over the staggering spectacle of the wildebeest migration.


  • 1 Night - Arusha Coffee Lodge - Arusha
  • 2 Nights - Serian Serengeti South - Southern Serengeti
  • 3 Nights - Fly Camping with the Hadzabe - Southern Serengeti
  • 3 Nights - Serian Serengeti South - Southern Serengeti


Starting at $11,900 per person sharing. This trip runs each year between December and April. Requires a minimum of 4 people is required for the trip, maximum of 8.

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