Hands-On Wildlife Conservation Safari


Spend a week engaged in immersive conservation work in Zululand, South Africa. This exclusive, hands-on safari joins forces with the Wildlife ACT Fund, dedicated to wildlife protection and conservation efforts in South Africa. This ranges from community outreach to outfitting on-the-ground teams with the most innovative technologies, to veterinary intervention and wildlife reintroduction programs.

Unlike Wildlife ACT’s sister trip for rhino conservation, this safari is more expansive in the wildlife it allows participants to engage with. You will still have the opportunity to visit a rhino orphanage, experience the rhino darting process with your guide, and participate in rhino capture operations; witness the team at work in dehorning, a vital anti-poaching strategy to sustain small populations. However, you’ll also spend ample time working with other wildlife. Get to know Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park on a traditional game drive through the lowlands of the Black and White iMfolozi River beds to the steep hills and gentle valleys that mark this beautiful region. Join your guide in monitoring the area’s African Painted Dogs. Learn about the intensive attention and resources necessary to keep up efforts like this, and why they’re so vital to conservation work. Part of this experience will include collaring. Each pack of painted dog in the Zululand region has a GPS tracking collar on at least one of its members. Assist your conservation team in locating, catching and fitting a painted dog with one of these collars.

The following day, head out on foot for a full sensory bush walk and vulture experience. The vulture population in Africa is under extreme pressure from a number of impacts, with the main loss of vultures in Zululand related to poisoning in order to supply the traditional medicine markets. Learn first-hand about vital tagging efforts that require tracking devices and wing tags to learn more about the birds’ ranging ecology and gather valuable information as to where large poisoning incidents occur in the region.

Your days will be an engaging mixture of traditional safari activities from game drives and sundowners in the African wilderness, along with insightful guest lectures on the state of the region’s threatened species, and vital, hands-on conservation work like checking camera traps, monitoring wildlife, darting, tagging, and more.


  • 4 Nights – Rhino Ridge – Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park

  • 2 Nights – Rhino Sands – Manyoni Reserve


Starts at $2,500 per person sharing. An additional minimum donation of $30,000 is requested for this unique participatory conservation experience.

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