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by Helicopter


Extraordinary Journeys is excited to be able to partner with Tropic Air, one of Kenya’s leading air charter companies, to provide unforgettable trips to Ethiopia by helicopter. This trips not only provide stunning scenery and incredible access to remote locations with expert pilot/guides but also offer travelers the chance for spontaneous and authentic interactions with local communities you meet along the way. Flying low through a range of altitudes that has given this country such ecological diversity – from the highest point on the Simiens to the Danakil Depression that lies below sea level.

  • Private helicopter guide with unrivaled knowledge if the area;

  • Travelers exploring by helicopter are able to see much more of the land compared to trips on the ground;

  • Unique regional animal views like the Gelanda Baboons, Ethiopian Wolfs and Walia Ibex;

  • Visit to the holy city of Lalibela and its famous churches, a UNSECO World Heritage Site;

  • Visit to volcanoes and flight over the amazing scenery of Danakali Depression;

  • Spontaneous and authentic interactions with local communities you meet along the way.

This Ethiopian adventure begins in the Ethiopian Capital city, Addis Abba. The fourth largest city in Africa, Addis Abba is a magnificent blend of cultures and heritages. Here guests will meet their pilot and set off on their journey. The journey will follow the breathtaking landscapes of the Blue Nile Gorge to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Lalibela, one of the most important holy cities in Ethiopia. In Lalibela, guests will marvel in a guided tour of some of the famous 12th century rock- hewn churches followed by a spectacular flight along one of the world’s deepest canyons created by the Tekeze River. The helicopter will land in the Simien Mountains with plenty of time to explore Ethiopia’s highest mountain range and uncover the local wildlife. Accommodations for the next four nights will be at Gheralta Lodge, in the heart of Tigray.

The final days will be spent exploring the heart of Northern Ethiopia where guests will revel in the natural beauty of the Danakil Depression. Also known as the Afar Triangle, Danakil Depression is one of the lowest points on Earth that is not covered in water. Here guests will discover acid lakes, salt pans and active volcanoes. The following day the tour continues to explore the rock-hewn churches in the Tigray Region. It is only possible to see all eight of the regions churches by helicopter (they are several hours on foot apart from one another). After following the western wall of the Great Rift Valley the journey will end back in Addis Abba.


  • 1 Night - Sheraton Addis - Addis Ababa

  • 2 Nights - Mountain View Lodge - Lalibela

  • 4 Nights - Gheralta Lodge - Tigray

  • 1 Night - Sheraton Addis - Addis Ababa


The price for this program starts at $64,250 per person for 2 passengers (excluding international flights) and $34,375 per person for 4 passengers (excluding international flights).

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