Camp Amalinda

Matobo Hills N.P., Zimbabwe


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3 Double rooms, 3 Family rooms, 3 Suites

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Pool, lounge, library, bars, spa, wifi and wine cellar


Bush Walks, Game Drives, Hiking and Climbing, Community Visits and Cultural Exchange, Rhino Tracking


About This Accommodation

Camp Amalinda is situated on a small estate just 30 miles from Bulawayo and 10 minutes from Matobo Hills National Park. Tucked away in ancient bushman territory, its unique architectural structure embraces and incorporates the natural landscape of rock kopjes - your room actually feels like you're in a giant cave! Accommodation consists of nine stunning rock suites, three of which are enormous, making them perfect for families.

Activities include sunset hikes, game drives, rhino tracking on foot, a visit to Rhodes grave, a visit to San Bushman paintings, birding, a cultural tour to an African home, or relax at the safari spa at camp. A full day hike is also available upon request. Matobo Hills boasts one of the highest populations of leopard and black eagle in the world, as well as an abundance of the endangered black and white rhino. With all of the activities available, and it helps to plan your activities ahead of time, a three night stay is highly recommended.

We like Camp Amalinda for its unique architecture and the spirituality and history of the San Bushmen that are imbedded within the aura of the camp. The downside is that because it's 10 minutes from the park, some of the magic is lost on the drive from the camp on the paved road to the park entrance.

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What Our Clients Think

So beautiful, friendly, and special. We loved going to the orphanage and village. The staff were all fabulous and we loved our guide. He was smart, kind, knowledgable, and interesting - a really special person. We didn't see a vast variety of game here but we had two amazing rhino encounters - my favorite game experience of the trip."

Amalinda had the best food and the best staff. And the most beautiful room - we had the honeymoon suite and it was awesome!!"

Amalinda had both the best food and the best rooms on our trip around Africa. We had the honeymoon suite and it was awesome!!"

We had the honeymoon suite and it was incredible!!! They served best food on trip!"

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