Entebbe, on the shores of Lake Victoria, is just south of Kampala, and home to Uganda’s international airport. Travelers usually spend only a night or two here at the beginning or the end of trip. Although the city is fairly small, you can explore a few historic sites and markets or spend some time people watching at Aero Beach. You could also spend a day or half day exploring the capital of Kampala before heading out on safari.

We definitely recommend a visit to the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary. This 100 acre island in Lake Victoria has been set aside for rescued chimpanzees (mainly orphaned chimps who lost parents to poaching), and currently has 47 chimpanzees living there. It’s a great learning experience and an opportunity to view the chimps if you are not going to Kibale. Keep in mind it is a full day activity and you will probably need additional vaccinations (to protect the chimps!) prior to departing for your trip.

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