Serian Kusini

Serengeti N.P., Tanzania


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4 Tents

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Mess tent with lounge and library


Game Drives, Wildebeest Migration


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Serian’s Kusini Camp is a mobile camp created to highlight the best of the Great Migration seasonal viewing. From December to May, the camp sits in a well-watered wood on the edge of a grassy plain. This is optimal for witnessing the spring calving season.

Situated toward the southern Serengeti, the camp also offers easy access to the Ngorongoro Conservation and Ndutu areas, meaning that from Kusini you can combine multiple wildlife-dense areas where you’re apt to find cheetah, honey badger, golden-backed jackal and hyena, as well as a parade of predators and, of course, millions of wildebeest and zebra following the seasonal rains.

Though the camp is designed for mobility, it features simple but nice wrought-iron beds, Moroccan rugs that add color, plus battery charging facilities and in-room outlets. There are four classic tents and two multi-tent suites with their own living areas. Game drives are the key activity here. The highlight for us is that each group gets their own open-top safari vehicle with dedicated guide and spotter. That means no set schedules, no accounting for other groups’ desires – what you want, where you want, when you want.

In addition to the private-use vehicles, we love the intimacy and seclusion here, along with the family-style communal dining. That said, running into adverse weather is possible. The camp’s position is timed to maximize good weather between the short and long rains, but significant rainfall can occur unexpectedly. If it pours, the classic tented experience can become a little less enchanting.

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"Dining was excellent. Very nice staff, good at accomodating."

"Very nice room, great food, amazing staff, very friendly and helpful. Also excellent driver, saw some great things."

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