Onsea House

Arusha, Tanzania


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4 Rooms

Child Policy

Children of all ages


Pool, lounge, bar, Jacuzzi and gardens


There are no activities associated with this accommodation.


About This Accommodation

Located on a hill 7 kilometers east of Arusha, Onsea House is a well-managed property consisting of four rooms: two that are better geared toward couples, one room that’s meant for families, and a cottage across the street from the main house adjacent to the pool (the most private and our favorite).

Most guests only stay for one night as Arusha, is more of a stopover destination. For one night Onsea is fine, but we tend use it only if other options are full, as we find the décor to be a bit old-fashioned and the rooms and property oddly-configured.

Onsea House is well suited for families, as the family unit can sleep up to six, the price point is relatively low, and they provide lots of board games! It is not suitable for anyone with mobility issues as it is situated on a hill and has a lot of stairs.

Onsea House is often compared to Machweo as they share the same owners, but of the two, we tend to prefer Machweo.

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