Kigali is a clean and vibrant city at Rwanda's geographic and economic center that has made incredible progress over the last decade. Rwanda’s largest city has not just survived, but thrived and grown into a modern metropolis. Among the safest and friendliest of African capitals, Kigali is blessed with a moderately high altitude (and therefore comfortable climate) and is conveniently located within three hours’ drive of the main tourist sites. It provides both a comfortable and welcoming introduction to this land of a thousand hills and an ideal springboard from which to explore the country.

Although clients tend not to spend more than a couple nights in Kigali, that is enough time to eat at Bourbon Coffee or Heaven (a delicious restaurant and community project, read more here) and visit the insightful and moving Kigali Genocide Memorial Center. For those with more time, we also recommend visiting to the genocide memorials at Nyamata and Ntarama which are an hour outside the city or spend a day visiting a local organization.

In Kigali, we use the Kigali Serena and the Milles Collines most often, both of which are comfortable and centrally located city hotels with all the amenities you would expect.

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