Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

Skeleton Coast, Kaokoland, Kunene, Namibia


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7 King Tents, 1 Family Unit

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Children 6 and above


Pool, indoor and outdoor lounge, curio shop


Game Drives, Bush Walks


About This Accommodation

Hoanib Skeleton Coast is a stunning remote propery in northern Namibia between the Palmwag Concession and the Skeleton Coast National Park. Only accessible by light aircraft and accommodating just 16 guests, Hoanib Skeleton Coast screams exclusivity. Located between two tributaties of the Hoanib River, surrounded by rugged hills, and only a day trip away from the coast, this camp offers a plethora of activities for its guests. You can go on game drives to see the desert-adapted wildlife, research participation and presentations, visits to the nearby Auses Spring or Klein Oasis Spring, excursions to the coast to see the seal colonies and abandoned shipwrecks, and some of the best stargazing in the world.

A real highlight of Hoanib Skeleton Coast is the design of the camp itself. Its low-impact design with well-insulated walls and raised cement foundations are great for accommodating their hotter (November-February) and colder months (June-August). The decor here is modern and simple with blonde woods and light earthy tones. Tents are spacious with en-suite bathrooms and private outdoor viewing decks. We love the fireplace in the main area - very modern and cozy.

We love Hoanib Skeleton Coast and would highly recommend it for any Namibia safari, so long as you're willing to fly in.

Featured Activities in Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

Videos from Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

  • In the first in a series of evocative videos, we'd like to share just some of the amazing wildlife sightings and scenic splendours of this exciting wilderness area.
  • The remote and desolate Skeleton Coast and its endless sands seem to be lifeless, yet life there is, from hardy gemsbok to Cape fur seals in their thousands surfing the nutrient-rich waters of the Atlantic. The lonely remnants of shipwrecks evoke the human history of this spectacularly stark coastline.
  • One of the ways in which life is able to survive in this almost waterless land is the subterranean flow of the Hoanib River that filters through the dunes to create an unexpected splash of blue and green amidst the golden sands. Guests of Hoanib Skeleton Coast will have exclusive access to Klein Oase and Auses Springs to view these magnets for wildlife.
  • Whether inland along the dry riverbeds, or on the desolate shoreline of the Skeleton Coast, wildlife great and small has adapted superbly to the surrounds. Desert-adapted elephant and giraffe take advantage of the few trees, while gemsbok are the consummate desert survivors.
  • A Wilderness Safaris journey stretching from dune to sea, Sossusvlei to Damaraland, Skeleton Coast to Kaokoveld… Endless vast wilderness | Of animals | Of wanderers and nomads | Of sand and sea
  • Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is an oasis of unexpected luxury in a surreally astounding landscape. Marvelling at the predators’ success here – given the paucity of sustenance for their prey – you will see them all: giraffe, oryx and springbok; also quietly ponderous elephant, and specialists such as brown hyaena – even the mighty kings themselves, Namibia’s imperilled desert-adapted lions. From the coast at Möwe Bay fog softly creeps inland over the earth, and is the key to survival for all life in this oldest desert in the world.

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What Our Clients Think

Out of this world! A unique place in a unique landscape! We absolutely loved the drive to the coast and flight back, as well as seeing all the desert-adapted wildlife, including a lion and lioness."

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