The Skeleton Coast and the Kunene River in northern Nambia, at the border with Angola, are some of the most remote and stunning places anywhere in Africa.

The Skeleton Coast is Namibia’s northern coastline famous for being littered with ships, whale and seal bones thanks to the treacherously rough seas. The landscape is scenically desolate and the freezing seas are not for swimmers. There are only a handful of properties on the Skeleton Coast (Hoanib Skeleton Coast is one) and one of the best and most scenic ways to see the area is by plane.

Inland from the Skeleton Coast is the Kunene region. The Kunene River is the only permanent source of water in the whole region and creates a lush oasis along its banks surrounded by rugged mountains and sand dunes. In addition to the breath-taking landscapes, a highlight of a stay in this region is the opportunity to interact with the Himba, a semi-nomadic tribe that live in the area who have retained a largely traditional way of life. This remote region is accessed only by flying and the cultural experiences are authentic and truly special.

There are very few properties in this area, and our favorites are Serra Cafema (one of our favorite properties anywhere in Africa) and Okahirongo River Camp.

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