The city of Inhambane, in the Inhambane province, is located in a bay in Southern Mozambique. Inhambane is a beautiful beach destination but its main attraction is the excellent diving that caters to all levels of experience.

The Inhambane area, specifically Barra and Tofu, is the place for serious diving with numerous reefs ranging from shallow to 30 meters in depth.

Accommodation in Inhambane is barefoot luxury. It's not ideal for those looking for polished luxury, but perfect for guests who want a comfortable place to relax and sleep between dives. We particularly likeBlue Footprints Eco Lodge.

Inhambane gets really busy during the South African school holidays as this is a popular tourist destination for Mozambique’s neighbors. December, January, Easter Holidays, and July are the peak holiday months for travelers coming from South Africa so we'd recommend visiting outside these times if possible.

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