Saruni Rhino Camp

Samburu N.P., Kenya


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Saruni Rhino is a small, remote camp in partnership with the Sera Community Conservancy in northern Kenya. It doesn’t boast much for wildlife, but it offers a stellar rhino tracking experience that makes a stay wholly worthwhile.

Rhino tracking is the reason to come. Track black rhino on foot accompanied by an expert Saruni guide and a highly-trained Sera Community Conservancy ranger. Transmitters allow your guide to locate the sanctuary’s rhinos, and your safari vehicle will drop you off nearby. From there, continue on foot through the bush to encounter one of Africa’s most iconic mammals face-to-face. This is a unique opportunity to become part of Kenya’s conservation first-hand, and truly makes the stay. Hours for tracking are limited, so days will be more regimented than at other camps, but the experience is worth the added structure.

Due to its remote location in northern Kenya, be prepared to disconnect: limited Wifi, virtually no cell service, no AC. There are charging strips for cameras, though. In exchange, you get thousands of hectares of wilderness essentially to yourself. Saruni Rhino is the only camp in the area, and it hosts just three stone and thatch bandas set along a dry river bed lined with doum palms. The bandas are largely open-air, so you should be comfortable getting close to nature – including outdoor shower and toilet.

Because of its small size, you’ll share dinner with just a few other guests. We love the romantic, wild feel of dinners set up on the dry river bed, complete with fire, little boats the camp has converted into benches and torches all around.

Our tip: Worth it for the rhinos, but don’t visit right after the rainy season; the bugs at that time can be overwhelming.

Featured Activities in Saruni Rhino Camp

Videos from Saruni Rhino Camp

  • Saruni, the portfolio of safari properties in Kenya, is thrilled to release this exciting video about black rhino tracking at Sera Conservancy in Northern Kenya. British actress and conservationist Rula Lenska and her sister Anne have been our first guests and feature in the 3 minutes-long film, created by Russian videomaker Sergey Zamkovoy. Returned to their natural habitat after an absence of thirty years, the 11 black rhinos of Sera Conservancy offer Saruni guests the unique opportunity of on-foot tracking, surrounded by one of the most iconic landscapes in East Africa. The video takes you to the heart of this exceptional experience – centered on the rhinos but including the other amazing wildlife of Sera and its authentic Samburu culture - and shows you a day in the life of the newest safari property in Kenya. Happy watching!
  • Go behind the scenes with the people who make on-foot black rhino tracking possible in Sera Conservancy, northern Kenya - the expert Trainers and Super Guides - Pietro Luraschi (Asilia) & Andrew 'Moli' Molinaro (Kichacka Expeditions), the Samburu guides of Saruni Rhino & Saruni Samburu and the Sera Community Conservancy Rangers.
  • Bit of a shaky video - for very good reason! This footage shows just how up close and personal you can get to the black rhino when tracking these critically endangered creatures on foot with our Saruni guides in Sera Community Conservancy.
  • Fantastic footage taken by Saruni representative Simon last week visiting Saruni Rhino. It's thirsty work being a sand grouse! Just one of the many wildlife delights awaiting in Sera Conservancy.
  • Listen to Rula's review of Saruni Rhino in Sera Conservancy and on being the 1st ever guest to stay and take part in black rhino tracking on foot.
  • Loijupu, Sera’s baby male rhino calf currently being cared for at Reteti Sanctuary in northern Kenya, just loves to be centre of attention, entertaining and delighting guests. His playful ways, his close relationship with his carers and, like any toddler, his unwillingness to go to bed has been brilliantly captured in this footage by Yvonne Whitcomb of Trufflepig Travel. “But I want to play!”
  • The lazy, hazy days of the Saruni safari experience awaiting you in our lodges & camps across Kenya. Wallowing hippos, crossing zebras, snacking hyenas, playful ellies and charming, local guides, this evocative film from talented @PhilipDickenson of @yogafornature/#yogafornature, has it all. Sit back and let us take you there.
  • Samburu, northern Kenya is famous for its gentle elephant herds which gives any guest visiting Saruni Samburu ( on safari plenty of chances to get up close and personal with our resident ele families. Check out this adorable baby elephant getting to grips, literally, in this amazing technicolour landscape it is lucky enough to call ‘home’. Video credit: Philip Dickenson of Yoga for Nature #yogafornature.
  • This 4-6 month old male elephant calf fell down a well in the Kisima Hamsini (Fifty Wells complex) in Sera Conservancy Northern Kenya. But help was nearby and Sera Community Rangers, Saruni guide Samburu and Saruni guests Tjardus & Laura were able to race to the scene and lend a hand in his rescue. Pheww!!!!!
  • Hats off to Saruni guests Tjardus & Laura who were unexpected HEROES of the day recently. Along with Sera Community Rangers and Sambara, Saruni guide – they rescued a baby ellie who had fallen down a well in Kisima Hamsini (the Fifty Wells), near to Saruni Rhino. Sera Rangers on their daily patrol found the ellie struggling in the well and called 91 Rapid Response Sera ranger for back up! Rangers & Sambara accompanying Tjardus & Laura finishing a tracking session got the radio call to assist – and off they all went! Sera Ranger Jimmy and Tjardus jumped into the well without hesitation and got pushing (approximately 300 kilos!) – with everyone else pulling up the calf from above. It took only 5 minutes to get him out – an unforgettable 5 mins for all involved. Tjardus escaped to tell the tale with a few bruises from the elephant pushing him against the rocks of the well. The male calf, who was around 4-6 months old, was then tethered safely to a nearby tree and monitored overnight by Sera Rangers to see if the mother came back. Alas – no mother come next morning, so now the ellie is being cared for by nearby Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. Well done for such quick action – talk about an adventure holiday?!?
  • The 6th of June 2018 marked a very special date in Sera, Northern Kenya as the Sera Conservancy Community welcomed the return of the much-loved rhino calf, ‘Loijupu’. Loijupu was found by Sera Rangers 16 months ago in the 54,000 hectares-large, community-owned rhino sanctuary, having been abandoned by his mother ‘Nairenyu’ on account of her being startled by something only a few hours after giving birth, running away in fright. When the mother didn’t return, Loijupu was taken in by Reteti Elephant Sanctuary where he has been looked after by the incredibly dedicated team of vets and keepers for almost a year and a half with round-the-clock monitoring and careful handling of all the sensitive elements that come with raising a new-born rhino calf. Thanks to their expert care, Loijupu has grown into a fine specimen, enabling him to overcome his ordeal. When his wild instincts started to become apparent, all experts involved agreed it was time for Loijupu to follow his calling and continue his path back to paradise – the Sera Wild - which he calls home.
  • Meet Nairenyu, notorious for scampering off when in proximity to other living beings however was incredibly curious on this occasion. We got remarkably close to this beautiful wild black rhino at the rhino sanctuary in Sera Conservancy. Watch to the end to grasp how exhilarating this experience really was.
  • Explore the expansive savannahs, watch the magnificent wildlife in their natural habitat, meet the local tribes and relax in the luxurious lodges. For a safari that combines adventure with luxury, stay at Saruni lodges and take part in black rhino tracking; an experience enjoyed by very few safari travellers.

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