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This elegant country manor in the Nairobi suburb of Karen feels as though it belongs in the heart of the Scottish countryside, replete with climbing ivy and elegant décor. The only real difference? Your hosts.

Giraffe Manor is named after its most important residents - as you sit down to breakfast, a giraffe may stick its head through the window to greet you. Pellets sit in buckets in each room, allowing you to feed a giraffe from your second story window if the opportunity arises!

Of course the giraffes are the highlight, but we love that this elegant property feels more like a home than a hotel. You are encouraged to settle down and read a book, admire the view, help yourself to a drink. The food is excellent and the shop is worth a visit.

There are two buildings on the property. The bathrooms in the original manor house need an upgrade and rooms are small, but that doesn’t do much to dampen the uniqueness and charm. The newer building is brilliantly constructed to blend in perfectly with the older and has several family units.

Staying at Giraffe Manor contributes towards saving endangered species and educating local school children about conservation, as a portion of your fee is donated to these causes.

You can add a stay at the Manor to the beginning or the end of a safari and you can easily spend two nights here. If you only have one night make sure you can arrive in the early afternoon and stay through breakfast with the giraffes the next morning (which starts at 7am) to get the most out of the experience.

Unsurprisingly, the Manor is often fully booked, so if you have your heart set on staying here, booking far in advance or having flexibility on your dates is important.

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  • The iconic Giraffe Manor located in Nairobi, Kenya, should be on everyone's bucket list. Sharing your breakfast with the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe is an incredible, totally unique experience. When planning your safari it is the perfect start or finish to what will undoubtedly be a magical trip.
  • The Safari Collection is a group of luxury lodges and camps in Kenya located in the finest wildlife locations. Whether you are staying at Giraffe Manor, Sala’s Camp, Sasaab or Solio Lodge our properties will offer you an exceptional wildlife experience allowing you to discover the true meaning of the word safari and feel the lifeblood of the continent course through your veins.
  • Activities to enjoy whilst staying at The Safari Collection properties.
  • A Swahili proverb proclaims that ‘good fortune begins in the morning’. As your day unfolds with The Safari Collection, you will discover the amazing diversity of wildlife, the mouth-watering deliciousness of our fresh cuisine, the vast African wilderness at your fingertips, the thrill of activities and adventure, the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation, the silent African night full of stars so bright and ‘the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true’.
  • Take a minute out of your busy day and let us show you our world. Watch the sunrise over a pristine African wilderness, journey across the vast Masai Mara plains, witness the great migration, observe endangered wildlife in its natural habitat, feed a Rothschild’s giraffe at breakfast, clap to soulful Samburu songs and immerse yourself in the culture, traditions, history and spirit of Kenya.
  • In October 2016, The Safari Collection was involved in the travel industry’s first ever Sustainable Mega Familiarisation trip. We hosted eight leading travel experts from around the globe at our properties. The trip was stitched together to allow the travel experts to become intimately acquainted with the pillars of sustainable tourism in Africa: conservation of natural resources and wildlife, involvement and development of local communities, and commercial sustainability of authentic experiences.
  • Our Christmas video for 2016 has been recorded in Kenya by Kenyan musician Maia Von Lekow. We are also giving a contribution to our sustainability fund on behalf of every guest staying with us this Christmas Season. Thank you for helping us keep the spirit of Christmas giving alive all year round!
  • The season of giving is upon us and we are feeling privileged and excited to welcome our guests and give them the magical and unmatched gift of a journey to Kenya this Christmas. With only 10 sleeps to go until the big day, Christmas preparations are underway with decorations being hung, fridges filled and presents wrapped. As we wrap up the year and reflect on 2017 we would like to pass on a heartfelt thank you to all of those that have come on safari with us this year and for giving us the greatest gift of all… the gift of your journey. Every safari gives us the ability to do many wonderful things like supporting vital wildlife conservation, local communities and education projects. Over the past few months The Safari Collection team have been busy creating a Christmas video with a life-sized emoji box representing the gift of your journey and the people it brings joy to along the way. Working with Maia Von Lekow and her African version of 'Jingle Bells' we hope that this short, fun film will bring a smile to your face and some Christmas cheer to your heart! Thank you for the gift of your journey, the most meaningful gift that you can give!
  • This festive season, nothing is more precious than the special time spent together with loved ones. The most priceless gift of all this Christmas is the ‘gift of experience’; a time for sharing, cherishing and deepening family bonds. This year, we are excited to share The Safari Collection’s very own version of our favourite festive poem, which captures the magic of an exciting family adventure through a child’s eyes on safari. We hope that it makes your spirits soar and inspires you to cherish the ‘gift of experience’ with your friends and family this Christmas. From all of us here at The Safari Collection, we wish you a magical, memorable festive season with your loved ones.
  • Nothing beats the childish freedom of sweeping through the air on a swing, arms and legs outstretched, curving high up into the sky before feeling the rush of air as you whoosh back down. Big enough for several little bottoms at a time, our giant swing has been a huge hit, and not only with our younger guests. With fabulous views over the Ngong Hills in one direction, the Manor in the other and an audience of giraffes, it certainly scores highly on Instagram appeal!
  • The Safari Collection's Lion King Safari trailer captures the magic of Kenya’s real ‘circle of life’. This trailer is a taster of our privately led Lion King Adventure that will throw you into close encounters with all of the ‘real’ characters from the film and enable you to experience the magic and majesty of the breath-taking African Savannah which inspired Disney. Music: Circle of Life by Alex Boyé ft Alisha Popat & Lamarti

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What Our Clients Think

Experience of breakfast with the giraffes was unforgettable."

The food was wonderful. Our private guide was knowledgeable and engaging. Playing with giraffes was magical."

A magical place and a perfect last stop for this magnificent journey. Staff was warm and friendly and very concerned that we were well taken care of from the moment we arrived!"

Giraffe Manor is magical. So glad it was included."

Very nice with comfortable couches, fireplace and lots of coffee table books to browse while enjoying a cocktail. Fred was our chef and prepared some of our most delicious meals in Africa. The dining room was very cool and vintage. Brown was so attentive to our every need and was a pleasure. Edgar was very welcoming and made sure all our planned activities were smoothly executed. We were the only guests there and felt as if we were the owners of the manor! :) It was a pleasure to wake up and see giraffes at your window. I couldn't get enough of them. It was also a treat to go the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage to visit our adopted girl Mbegu."

So glad we did Giraffe Manor! The Manor was lovely all arond, and the service and good were outstanding!"

The rooms were beautiful and the staff could not have been nicer!"

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