Kinondo Kwetu

Kenyan Coast, Kenya


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7 Rooms, 4 Cottages, 1 Family cottage, 2 Suites

Child Policy

Children of all ages


Two pools, lounge, bar, sauna, wifi and tennis court


Horseback Safari, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling & Freediving, Fishing, Kayaking


About This Accommodation

Kinondo Kwetu is on the South Coast of Kenya, at Diani Beach. We love this property because it offers the same level of intimacy and the care and full service of a safari property, making it a great way to ease out of the bush before heading home.

Food and service are excellent and the warm vibe from management gives you the sense you are welcomed into someone’s home. The grounds are full of calming spaces where you can relax with a book or have a nap.

The rooms are comfortable with lovely bathrooms, though we do feel they lack a bit in privacy as you can see your neighbor from your verandah and hear other guests around you. The property as a whole, however, is very private, as there are no other properties nearby so you don’t feel overrun by tourists or souvenir hawkers (and the beach is private).

Although comfortable and pleasant, Kinondo Kwetu isn’t for those travelers looking for a super-luxury beach experience as the beach is a little disappointing - you need shoes to get into the water.

Kinondo Kwetu is a better match for travelers looking for a fun, intimate, family-owned boutique hotel with lots of activities including snorkeling, tennis, kayaking, sailing and horse-riding.

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What Our Clients Think

"Wonderful pool. Incredible food."

"Had a guide named Marcus who was very patient while I took photos, and protective, especially in tight quarters in the market."

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