Extraordinary Journeys Relief Fund

    CAN WE RAISE $10,000? $20,000? $50,000?

    No one including Extraordinary Journeys, will walk away unscathed from the impact - emotional, social, financial, physical - of this global crisis. But we know we are going to get through this - together. But we can’t say that as confidently about our conservation and travel partners in Africa and beyond. With poaching on the rise in formerly “safely touristed” game reserves and with families left without income due to shuttered lodges and lost revenue from tourism, we’re seeing a conservation and humanitarian crisis exploding in Africa.

    By aiding conservation groups and local people and businesses, we can help fund conservation efforts NOW that will protect the world’s most threatened habitats and species. Whatever you can give—$10, $50, $100, $1000—will help significantly.

    For every $150 contribution you make to help these communities get through this extended crisis, we will give you a $150 trip credit to use on a future trip with Extraordinary Journeys. *


    The goal is this fund is to act as a crisis relief funds for projects that have traditionally relied on tourist money. These are projects who never had to rely on donors and are hugely

    Click here to see our up to date list of projects.


    -Sign up for our live talk and classes.

    -Buy from our live auction

    -Organize a no-contact safari in your neighborhood

    Important information

    • Contributions to Extraordinary Journeys Relief Fund are not tax-deductible.

    • Trip credits cannot be applied to current bookings and must be used within 24 months. There is no limit on how many $150 trip credits can be earned, but only one $150 trip credit can be used per person on any given trip. Our team is standing by to confirm your next trip with this credit when you are ready – and do ask us about our new flexible booking terms.

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