Top 5 conservation safaris in Africa in 2019

We’re dedicated to conservation efforts across Africa – efforts which meet the needs of local communities while also preserving and protecting the continent’s stunning natural landscapes and unparalleled wildlife. And we understand that our travelers care about contributing to this beautiful continent too. That’s why we’re so excited about this special roundup of immersive conservation-focused safaris. These exclusive journeys give you elements of a traditional safari combined with in-depth, hands-on learning opportunities to directly support conservation in Africa.

  • Supporting the Carnivore project in Niassa (July 2019)

  • Collaring Elephants in Hwange, Zimbabwe (September 2019)

  • Monitoring lions in Namibia (15 - 20 November 2019)

  • Helping cheetahs in Namibia (Anytime)

  • Protecting Kenya- The ultimate Conservation Safari (Anytime)

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Elizabeth Gordon