Tanzania Safari: Tarangire and Serengeti Special

This itinerary is perfect for those who want to take advantage of the great game-viewing in two of Tanzania's flagship national parks, the Serengeti and Tarangire, in just over a week. Travelers will stay at two stunning tented camps including Kuro, a brand new camp in Tarangire National park which opened in January 2014.

For September and October of 2014 this program is a particularly great deal, travelers get 7 nights for the price of 5 at one of the best times of year to be in Tanzania!

Trip Summary

- 3 Nights ~ Tarangire National Park ~ Kuro Tarangire

- 4 Nights ~ Serengeti ~ Serengeti Safari Camp

Days 1-3 ~ Tarangire National Park ~ Kuro Tarangire

After the Serengeti, Tarangire has the greatest concentration of wildlife in Tanzania and in the dry season, the Tarangire River is a magnet for thirsty wildlife. Large herds of elephants and migratory wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, impala, gazelle, hartebeest and eland gather and not surprisingly the predators follow. This is also the one place in Tanzania where dry-country antelope such as oryx and gerenuk are regularly spotted. Tarangire is also known for its spectacular baobab trees, and its breathtaking views of the Masaai Steppe and the mountains to the south.

Kuro Tarangire_Credit Nomad Tanzania 6

Kuro is a brand new property set in the central part of Tarangire National Park, away from the busy north and in easy reach of the main river and Silale and Gursi Swamps and other excellent game areas. The camp itself is set in a grove of acacia trees, near the banks of the Tarangire River. Each of the six guest tents are light and airy with verandahs and en-suite bucket showers and flush eco-toilets. The camp runs on solar lighting. The common areas include an open-sided, airy, grass thatched lounge and dining room furnished with hides, canvas and a few well-placed colorful textiles.

Kuro Tarangire_Credit Nomad Tanzania 4

This small, stylishly simple camp is in a quiet, secluded setting surrounded by fantastic walking territory and within easy reach of all the best wildlife areas. This area is great for walking, day and night drives, and particularly well known for big herds of buffalo and elephant, excellent general game and exceptional birdlife.

Kuro Tarangire_Credit Nomad Tanzania 2

Overnight at Kuro Tarangire.

Days 4-7 ~ Serengeti ~ Serengeti Safari Camp

This is exactly where you want to be to see the great wildebeest migration. Serengeti National Park (3,646,500 acres) is the jewel in the crown of Tanzania’s protected areas with over three million large mammals roaming its plains. It lies between Ngorongoro and Lake Victoria and adjoins Kenya's Masai Mara. The Serengeti has come to symbolize paradise to all, including the local Maasai, who have grazed their cattle on the vast grassy plains for generations. To the Maasai, it is Siringitu – “the place that stretches on forever."


Today, the Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and the Masai Mara Reserve across the border in Kenya, protect the greatest and most varied collection of terrestrial wildlife on earth, and one of the last great migratory systems still intact. More than a million wildebeest, accompanied by hundreds of thousands of zebras and other herbivores, descend upon the short-grass plains of the southeastern Serengeti at the start of the rainy season around December. After calving in January and February, they scatter over the southern and central plains. By May the rain ends, the grass has been reduced to stubble, and the animals begin their long march to dry-season grazing grounds near the permanent waters of the Serengeti's northern woodlands and Kenya's Maasai Mara. Reaching these destinations by July or so, they remain until October, when they head back to the southeastern Serengeti. This struggle for survival continues unaided and unaltered through the millennia!


Serengeti Safari Camp was the first of its kind; designed to be easily moved so it is always in the best possible location to view the wildebeest migration. This is what Serengeti Safari Camp is all about - understanding the Serengeti seasons and game movements and mirroring them. Covering hundreds of miles and moving every couple of months along a route that the herds have traveled for hundreds of years, Serengeti Safari Camp is where you come for your migration fix.


The goal is for the camp to be effortlessly comfortable - a home from home, where you wanted for nothing, without damaging the environment. But it's never been about luxury for its own sake. With your own private guide and vehicle, days here are taken at the pace you're comfortable with. All-day game drives leaving at first light and returning at dusk. Or, if you prefer, a long lunch in camp, followed by a siesta and a gentle evening drive. You decide. The camp is tented in the finest tradition of East African safaris, with only six spacious en suite tents, great food and a crew determined to exceed your expectations.


Overnight: Serengeti Safari Camp

Day 8 ~ Depart


The price for this adventure (reflecting the stay 7 pay 5 special valid in September and October of 2014) is $6500 per person (excluding international flights).

This program is still available (price will be somewhat higher), get intouch if you are interested!

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