Become a warrior for a week at Saruni Samburu Lodge!

You know your world—as complex and regimented as it is—inside out. If you are an adult, then it’s some combination of food preparation, work, deadlines, phone calls, workouts, chores, TV, flossing, and sleep. If you are a kid, it’s school, sports, texting, chores, homework, texting, and lights out.

We wager that in brief moments between doing this and moving on to that, you ask yourself, “Couldn’t I just escape my routine for a little bit and live a different life?” And by different you mean really different.

Well, we know how to get you to stop living on autopilot, at least for a week. One of our favorite travel destinations is Saruni Samburu Lodge and their wonderful antidote for the world-weary—the “Warrior for a Week” program. Led by a group of Samburu “Moran”—or warriors—you will explore the vast wildlife habitat of the Kalama region of northern Kenya in the company of Africa’s foremost indigenous naturalists. Let Samburu warrior-guides Sambara Langamynyak, Chris Letur, and Sumoro Lecharkole show you how to see the landscape and its animal species with their eyes. Let them teach you wilderness skills, like tracking and how to build a bush camp.

There will, of course, be game drives into the Samburu and Buffalo Springs National Reserves—in vehicles—because there is so much territory to cover and so much to see. But don’t worry, your feet will connect frequently with the ancient soils of Africa. On these treks you will discover not only fresh traces of a herd of Grevy Zebras but also vestiges of long-ago peoples who left rock art images on cave walls.

And you’ll be glad you left your headphones behind when you trek with Samburu warriors, because they like to sing as they walk. They’ll take you to one of their villages and you will meet their families, perhaps share a meal, and certainly pet their goats. And don’t think you’ll go home before you have learned the Samburu way to use bows and arrows, pangas, and spears (en garde!).

To give you a look at the Big Picture, there will also be a trip to the Kalama Conservancy office and the opportunity to go on patrol with the rangers who are responsible for the wildlife and environmental conservation efforts enabling the Samburu to maintain their cultural integrity and economic well-being.

These are the kinds of things we like to do when we travel, and we love being able to help you do them, too. It’s just a thought, but you might want to learn more than one warrior way. How? Saruni Samburu’s sister lodge in the Masai Mara also has a Warriors for a Week program led by Masai warrior-guides, and they are happy when you decide to combine both experiences in one awesome trip.

Let us arrange for you to leave everything in your world behind—well, everything except the flossing.

We’ll be in touch again soon.

Until then, may all your journeys be extraordinary.

Marcia, Elizabeth, and Clémence

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