How to safari in your backyard

Singita sent us some good tips on how to safari from your backyard. It turns out it's fun and easy!

Elizabeth's son was excited to see a Cheetah in the driveway

  1. Open Google on your Android or IOS device. (Android 7.0 or higher/iPhone iOS11.0 or higher)

  2. Search for the first animal that pops into your head.

  3. Scroll down the search results until you see an animated box saying, “Meet a life-sized [the animal you searched for] up close”.

  4. The box will include the animated animal on the right. Look for the “view in 3D” button in the bottom left and click on it.

  5. A new tab will open, featuring the animal.

  6. Click on the “view in your space”-button.

  7. Your phone’s camera will open up. Twist the phone around a bit until you see a rectangle with a white border. The animal should appear shortly thereafter.

  8. Turn up the volume to experience the sound of the animal too!

    How did the lion get up there?

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