Rhino Tracking in Malawi

An exciting new activity, rhino tracking, is on offer for guests at Malawi's Mvuu Camp and Lodge in Liwonde National Park. The experience comprises an introduction to the plight of the black rhino, a three-hour guided walk into rhino territory, conducted by armed Rhino Protection Team (RPT) scouts and safari guides, and ends with a delicious bush breakfast or dinner. The walk is filled with information about the black rhino and gives guests the unique opportunity to track the black rhino, see them on foot and get involved in the practicalities of monitoring - all the while contributing to rhino conservation in Malawi. The “rhino tracking experience” was officially launched and made available to guests over the Easter holidays (April 7- 8 2012) and all future guests are invited to participate in the activity. The activity costs US$40 pp and 90% of the proceeds go the rhino conservation program.

UPDATE: Since this blog was originally posted the "rhino tracking experience" has yielded great sightings like this one: On May 15th 2012 guides and guests were on the trail of three black rhinos, following their spoor. As the group moved into a thicket, 3 rhinos were spotted just 50 meters away. The rhinos walked towards the mopane woodlands and the group followed them for about 40 meters. The wind direction suddenly changed and the rhinos turned towards the group. The big bull seemed inquisitive and came closer, the tracking group slowly backed away and the rhinos carried on.

(Photos by rhino protection team)

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