Episode 2: Can I Insure My Safari Against Ebola?

We have been getting a lot of questions from clients about whether or not they can insure their safari against Ebola, if the outbreak were to spread to the countries they planned to visit (we don't think that is likely and here's why). Every trip and the insurance that should cover it presents a unique situation so we can't get too specific but here is what we can share:

So, can I insure my trip to cover Ebola?

The short answer unfortunately is no. The travel insurance company that we work with most often has made it clear that there is no cancellation coverage for fear of a virus like Ebola and that there is no coverage for any government regulation or prohibition against travel to a given country. This by no means applies only to our preferred provider but is common across travel insurance companies. Currently most providers do not list Ebola as an exclusion and it is still considered an unforeseen event.


So what can I do?

One option is to get "Cancel for Any Reason" travel insurance coverage (what is available can vary state by state).

Travel insurance is complicated and there are lots of terms and conditions and exclusions which are so specific to you and your individual trip that we can't provide more concrete advice. To get a quote for your trip and get all your questions answered you can call us or your preferred travel insurance provider.

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