Elephant Rescue Update

In February we posted on our sister blog, EJ Africa Resource, the amazing story of a baby elephant rescued by the staff of the Offbeat Meru camp (link to the original post). On February 21, Piers Winkworth of Offbeat Safaris spotted a lone elephant calf. The orphaned calf had serious injuries to her leg and hip, her right hind leg had a huge protrusion on the top joint with two small scars at the site of swelling that indicate that it could to be an old arrow or spear wound. The calf was walking with a pronounced limp. Winkworth alerted the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and along with the Kenya Wildlife Service rangers, helped coordinate the calf's rescue that same day. This was a very lucky little elephant, given her injuries she almost certainly would have been killed by a hungry lion had she not been rescued that day! We are thrilled to hear that after attentive care at the Sheldrick nursery, and the support of her fellow nursery-mates, the calf, now called Murera, is showing good signs of improvement.

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