Whitewater rafting at the foot of one of the Seven Wonders of the World is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and perfect for adrenaline seekers. Rafting trips on the Zambezi River run from the Zimbabwe and Zambian sides of Victoria Falls; Shearwater and Wild Horizons are our preferred operators and they both operate from both sides. 

The water level of the Zambezi River is completely dictated by rainfall, and this has a huge impact on the rafting season. Please take the dates below as general guidelines.

Low water trips (approx. August-through December) begin at a deep pool called the "Boiling Pot" which is just below the the main falls. These trips are either half-day (10 rapids) or full-day (21 rapids) trips. On the shorter trips you simply exit the gorge after the 10th rapid at about lunchtime. Exiting the gorge involves a steep climb of about 250 meters, although helicopter lifts are available, at a cost. 

High water runs (January-March and June-August) skip the first 10 rapids as they are unsafe to raft at the high water level.

If rafting is a priority on your trip, we recommend traveling between August and the end of December.

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