We want all of our clients to return home from their trip with a real sense of the places they visited. In addition to visiting a non-profit and interacting with the staff at the camp, a great way to get a sense of the peoples and cultures of a country are the community visits that many properties offer. But travelers, beware! Not every property is able to offer an authentic cultural experience; there are many that are artificial and even uncomfortable. We have put a lot of time into identifying the properties that offer opportunities for true cultural exchange, where travelers are able interact with, talk to, and learn from people in a relaxed and genuine way. Our firsthand experience with properties all over Africa means that we can help you avoid the multitude of culturally insensitive and canned experiences available. Instead of a visit to a Maasai village that feels contrived and uncomfortable, you can visit your guide’s family (Chem Chem in Tanzania is a great example), spend an afternoon in the village that many staff members call home (such as Tongabezi in Zambia or Nuarro Lodge in Mozambique), or explore the Makgadikgadi with the San bushmen at Jack’s Camp or Meno a Kwena.

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