Exploring Africa on foot is all about the little things you might miss in a vehicle: identifying scat, following tracks, looking at insects, smelling wild sage, or learning how termite mounds are made. You might see some large game as well, such as elephant, giraffe, or buffalo. Being on foot will definitely give you a unique perspective on their size! Walking is also an incredible opportunity to take in the sounds of the bush; you don't realize how loud the vehicle is until the engine is off. It's the perfect way to stay active while gaining an intimate experience with nature.

Bush walks are offered across Eastern and Southern Africa and finding a property that offers walking as a half-day activity is fairly easy. However, you often cannot walk inside national parks so you may need to stay in a property in a private conservancy or concession. If you're looking for a more serious walking experience, there are a number of fabulous multi-day walks that we would highly recommend including in your safari. In some instances you will spend your days walking while returning to your camp or lodge at night (Tanda Tula - Kruger, South Africa; Marataba Walking Trails - Limpopo, South Africa). Alternatively, you can walk during the day and fly camp in a new location at night (Maasai Trails - Maasai Mara, Kenya; Karisia Walking Safaris - Laikipia, Kenya; Footsteps Across the Delta - Okavango Delta, Botswana).

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