Kimi Christopulos

Kimi Christopulos

Safari Specialist

Originally from South Dakota, Kimi now calls Colorado home, but her heart still belongs to Africa. From her first trip listening to the nocturnal calls and sounds of Botswana beneath ebony trees, the continent's magic took hold and hasn’t let go. Since that trip canoeing through floodplains and walking with elephants, she has explored Kenya and Tanzania by plane and overland, visited Ethiopia’s churches and monasteries, trekked for Uganda's chimpanzees and mountain gorillas, flown the thundering Victoria Falls by helicopter and lazed on Zanzibari beaches after shopping Stone Town's markets. In the Galapagos she snorkeled with sea lions and giant tortoises, and has encountered the Maldives’ most coveted creatures while scuba diving. Recently, she explored Cuba’s charms by foot, vintage car, and horseback. Her passion is sharing the stunning landscapes, unique experiences, and generosity of people around the globe with clients.

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