About Us

What started as a love affair with Africa transformed into a passion and expertise for that perfect safari experience around the world.

Our Story

Years of living and working in Africa have instilled founders Marcia and Elizabeth Gordon with a sure sense of what makes a memorable safari, whether it be in Asia, Australia, South America or Africa. It is a sensibility that is shared by our team, most of whom have traveled extensively and lived overseas. We truly believe that you can “have it all” - comfort, adventure and style.


Meet The Team

We love what we do. We know that the travel we arrange and properties we use make this planet a better place. We have fun as a team and are pretty competitive, but not so much so that we don’t enjoy sharing knowledge and ideas to ensure that each client has the best possible safari experience.


In The Press

EJ has been noticed! Whether it be for outstanding guides in Departures, the Travel & Leisure A list, National Geographic Tours of a Lifetime or the myriad of articles about our programs and way of traveling, you’ll find lots to read about us. 


Client Testimonials

This was the trip of a lifetime. We have traveled all over the world and every time we left a destination I cried! The people are amazing, the animals are amazing, and EJ did an amazing job planning this trip for us!"

Throughout the entire planning process, you were consummate professionals, delivered on every request, navigated every fork in the road, and organized a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You knocked it out of the park."

I would like to thank EJ for their impeccable booking procedures which afforded my mother and I the opportunity to relax and enjoy every moment of our once-in-a-lifetime trip!"